Chocolate Labrador at Stud in Devon

I'm a pedigree chocolate Labrador living in West Devon with a good hip score and clear eyes. My owners think it's high time I earned my keep at stud, or at least made a contribution. My kennel club name is Kenmilltri Oo La La but my friends call me Basil.

  • If you'd like to look at my family tree, here are the last five generations.   

  • If you'd like to look at my photo gallery, here are some more handsome photos of me and some puppies.   

I was born on 11th October 2003 and live in West Devon on a smallholding together with Aylesbury Ducks, Chocolate Muscovy Ducks, Cayuga Ducks, Sebastopol Geese, Vorwerk Chickens, Suffolk Sheep and rare breed Oxford Sandy and Black Pigs. I've been told that I am a very handsome chocolate Labrador with a gentle and friendly personality. I keep myself fit by going on plenty of walks and playing games with my family.  

Basil, Chocolate Labrador at Stud

I am a member of the West Dartmoor Working Gun Dog Club as it was felt after my first shooting season that learning a bit of etiquette could be in my best interest. The training was a bit dull but when put into practice there's no stopping me! There are no other pedigree chocolate Labradors on my shoot, only spaniels and collies, so here in West Devon I feel like a rarity.

I've taken part in agility training, which involved jumping over hurdles and "A" frames, and through hoops and tunnels. After only five weeks my instructor told me I was "exceptional" for a chocolate Labrador and if my tail was dipped in white paint I could pass for a collie!

First ever Rosette In January 2007 I entered my first ever show, the West of England Labrador Retriever Show. It was very exciting and lots of people came to watch me win this rosette, which was a Second in the Novice Dog Class. It was so much fun I think I'll enter into more shows and who knows, one day it could be Crufts!! Here are some more photos of me in action at the show.

Basil at stud

Being a pedigree chocolate Labrador at Stud can be hard work. When I was just one year old I had my hips scored. They told me my scores were very good, but I don't particularly enjoy going to the vet.

When I was two I had to go to another vet to have my eyes tested. He told me that my eyes were clear and I had my certificate stamped. I now visit him every year, but I still don't enjoy going to the vet!    

I'm not a chunky build Labrador but slim and athletic with a dark chocolate shiny coat.

I'm now at stud and hoping to pass on my dashing good looks and charm with the help of any good looking pedigree Labradors.

Here is a list of all the litters I've sired so far. My "foward family tree".

Molly and Basil

Best friend Molly

Molly is four months younger than me and we're best of friends. As a Jack Russell she has a bit of an attitude (as you'd expect) but is loving and loyal. She copies me by cocking her leg to wee, but she has also shown me a thing or two about catching mice. I was already an expert hole digger.  

Get in touch

To talk to my owners, arrange a dinner date or just a romantic walk in my favourite woods please call me or email me, I'd love to hear from you.

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